My family favourite potato (Maris Piper) recipes – Competition Entry


This post is an entry for #MarisPiperBritMums Linky Challenge ( sponsored by Potato Council for Potato Week 7 – 13 October, celebrating the varieties of potatoes and how we like to eat them. Learn more and find recipes at

My family favourite potato recipes:

1. Mashed Potatoes.

Simply buy some lovely Maris Piper potatoes, peel them with a knife or a something I use is a ‘potato peeler’. Chop them up into pieces about the size of a golf ball, or a squash ball if you don’t have a golf ball handy. Put the chopped potatoes in a kettle and boil the kettle for about 20 minutes. If your kettle switches off once boiled keep pressing the button. After 20 minutes drain the water remembering to keep it for a lovely refreshing potato juice drink which can be enjoyed later. Remove the potatoes and mash them up real bad. I use something called a potato masher, but you can use a rolling pin on just hit them with a book or something else that is quite heavy like a shoe. Enjoy your mashed potato with a nice glass of wine or a can of strong lager.

2. Jacket Potatoes.

Jacket potatoes are really easy, much easier than mashed potatoes because no peeling is required or mashing actually. Buy some Maris Piper lovely potatoes and put them in the oven. Tip: Turn the oven on. After about an hour remove the potatoes from the oven. Be careful because they will be a real hot potato haha! Put the potatoes on a plate and enjoy all the potatoey goodness. You can use a knife and fork but I like to use my hands like a feral pig. Some people like to put toppings on their jacket potatoes like cheese and beans or chilli con carne. I like to top my jacket potato with a slightly smaller jacket potato, I love jacket potatoes that much.



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