About last night… @5urvey

So there’s this @5urvey twitter account. It’s a lovely idea managed by friend and local resident of the Shire called @RoOkin. This day last year I went to his wedding when he married @Spallerina. Last night we fell out, live on Twitter. Here’s why…

The @5urvery Twitter account is a lovely idea and sometimes 500+ people take part. It sometimes offers really interesting insights into how people think.

Unfortunately sometimes @5urvey has been used by trolls to post anonymous crap. I can remember the first controversial thing @5urvey posted was something to do with the ex-England footballer John Barnes. When I first read it I laughed, then someone pointed out that if what was written wasn’t true then potentially it is libellous. This worried me and I text @RoOkin advising him that he should moderate posts before publishing them or he could get himself into legal trouble.

As @5urvey grew in popularity it attracted more and more internet saddos to post offensive stuff which hurt people’s feelings, including the creator @RoOkin, someone said they wanted to “set him on fire”. This obviously upset him, so has experienced first hand what threatening behaviour feels like. Fortunately for Russell he was strong enough to deal with this abuse, others may not be.

Someone then posted something about another tweeter. “Shall I tell his wife that he’s been messaging my wife” Again, this may or not be true. This worried me. I again text @RoOkin advising him that he should moderate posts. He made enquires with the PocketPoll app but nothing has changed in the months that have passed.

After ‘Moatup’ (A big tweet up) @5urvey became an open message bored for gossip about what went on. People hinted that some people slept with other people (who are married). It wouldn’t be difficult for someone to put 2 and 2 together and make 5.

Then I heard yesterday that someone else was really shook up this week by yet another threatening post. There have probably been many more examples of cruel and hurtful things that people have said. I stopped looking a while ago because I found it a depressing dark corner of Twitter.

Considering I’d, on at least 2 separate occasions, made the effort to advise @RoOkin that he needs to moderate posts and hasn’t reacted I lost my patience. I Tweeted @5urvey my own survey which you can see on my timeline. I’m not the only person to have recommended to Russell directly that he should make efforts to moderate what he posts. Russell is a nice bloke and other people care for him and don’t want to see him get into trouble or hurt people’s feelings. Russell has made efforts to moderate, which I know is difficult, but I don’t believe it has been managed consistently, hence threatening comments still being published.

I also tweeted “It’s difficult to argue with a sociopathic bellend” I since deleted that tweet because it’s not true. I’m sorry that caused offence. I didn’t mean it. However, I do think @5urvey offers a platform for people to be anonymously hurtful and not taking the responsibility to moderate these posts is very anti-social. I found it frustrating that this is still happening.

I don’t think for people to dismiss my concerns with “@5urvey is just a bit of fun” or “If you don’t like it, don’t do it”. I don’t like it anymore and I don’t do it, but this doesn’t stop someone anonymously writing something threatening or cruel about me, you, or someone we care for.

I didn’t go about this the right way, I was a bit of a dick, I’m sorry I upset Russell and Sally. I didn’t realise it was their wedding anniversary until after the spat. I truly hope they have a lovely day.


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