A letter about my granddad


I know I speak for all ex-pupils of Barton School when I say how sad we were to hear of the death on Monday, at the age of 97, of one of our ex teachers, David Martin.
David commenced teaching at Barton before the Second World War and became unique in the fact that he never once resorted to using the cane, a rarity in those days.
His easy going manner belied a wonderful ability to earn the respect of all those who had the pleasure to be taught by him and long after they left school many continued to be guided by him whenever they met him around the Island.
A regular attendee at the annual reunions, the love that ex-pupils felt for David was emphasised as they sought him out for their yearly chat.

Some called him David, others Mr.Martin and some could not tear themselves away from calling him Sir, as they would have done in the classroom 50 years earlier. I know from all the messages that I have received that David will be missed.
On behalf of all ‘Boneheads’ , wherever they are, I would like to pas on to Joan and her family our condolences at this time and let her know that her husband will always have a special place in our memories.


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