People I’ve met on Twitter


At the moment I follow 136 people on Twitter. None of them are celebrities.

2 accounts that I’m following are for work, so that doesn’t count so I’m actually really following 134 real people.

Some of these people I knew before I started twitter, like my Mum and others, these include:

@cornpop (my mum)
@rickharwood (oldest mate)
@Str1pes (My gf)
@Debsa (Best Chi friend)
@HairportUK (my hairdresser)
@Figs1105 (old colleague)

This is interesting isn’t it?

Take out these people, the people I knew before using Twitter this leaves 123 people.

I reckon I have met more people from Twitter as a % of following than anyone else on Twitter.

These are the people I’ve met and actually met and follow onTwitter listed chronologically (ish).

@Tweeeeed (@David1969)

That’s 48 people.

I’ve met 48 people on Twitter, through Twitter, I’ve actually met more than that but I don’t follow them so it doesn’t count.

I’ve met more people I follow on Twitter than people I follow on Twitter who I knew already. Read that again.

I’ve met 39% of the people I’ve “met on Twitter” on Twitter. This is probably a world record and I deserve a Twibbon.

For your information, (FYI) Everyone I’ve ever met on Twitter is very similar to how I thought they would be. It’s quite difficult to bullshit yourself up on Twitter. That’s why we like it.

Who do I want to meet next? Good question..


@Sfendle and @Angryplumber live too far away.

That’s it. Thanks for reading. There was no real point to the blog I just wanted to write it down.

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