Email from Ann

Today I received an email from Ann. I don’t know who Ann is. She must have sent it to the wrong Richard. Below is her email and my reply. I’ve changed names except mine and Ann’s.

“Hi Richard,

It took a while to find time to download these shots and edit them but I was delighted with the results especially of Sam in the chookhouse. He is a very photogenic little boy. It was great that you could bring the boys up here and we had a lovely day notwithstanding a little mess and a few protests. Sam left some toys behind vis a few dinasaurs, planes and the like. I am happy to drop them into your letterbox anytime if you are not home.

Ken is leading a bushwalk for his group on sunday September 11th to the Thomas Hill forestry reserve which is north-east of the city with acces from Corkscrew Road, Montacute, meeting at about 1 pm. Let me know if you are interested so I can forward details when available.

No news re Investertec service at C yet but I am feeling very uneasy about it all especially with Brian leaving. Just have to wait and see. Hope life is settling into some sort of pattern for you and that the boys have been able to stay in the new house.

Take care,


Hi Ann,

Thanks for the lovely email.

I’m sorry it took you a while for you to download these shots and edit them but it was worth it. You are right, Sam is very photogenic particularly when he is in a chookhouse.

I did not take any boys anywhere but I’m glad you had a lovely day despite the protests. I’m sorry to hear that Sam left some toys behind. You spelled dinosaurs incorrectly and please don’t put them in my letterbox.

Good to hear about Ken leading a walk. Bushes are great. Thanks but I’m not interested.

Sorry to hear that Brian is leaving don’t be nervous, everything will be fine I am sure. My life is quite a nice pattern. I don’t know what you mean about “the boys” or “new House”.

Great to hear from you though.

Love Rich.

Location:East St,Chichester,United Kingdom


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